Internet of Things News | IoT Weekly – Issue 63 – Mar 16th 2016

Internet of Things News | IoT Weekly – Issue 63 – Mar 16th 2016

Justin Grammens

Greetings and welcome to IoT Weekly News! This week was again one variety. Besides the news that Bosch is all in on IoT, I start this issue off with news of big players forming a new IoT alliance along with articles on sectors such as Security, Retail, Enterprise and Industrial as well. Finally, be sure to check out that registration is open for the largest IoT conference in the Midwest – IoT Fuse:Conference 2016.

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Microsoft, Samsung and Others Form IoT Alliance to Do What Apple and Google Already Are

Will be interesting to see if yet another alliance related to the Internet of Things will actually make a difference in the quest of having devices communicate with common standards. Likely not is my guess.

The IoT: A Mess in the Making

Good article bringing to light some of the not so nice things that have happened when early adopters have tried using IoT for basic solutions. As I tell people, we are still in the early days and with all new technology, bumps will happen along the way.


IoT Security Needs Scalable Solutions

I like this article as it raises some aspects of IoT and security that I hadn’t seen before.

Organizations Must Isolate IoT from Regular IT, Says Telco

This article is actually more about security than anything and how you should keep IoT devices off your main network. The article states, “Almost all (90%) of organizations aren’t convinced that their own IoT solutions are secure, AT&T says it found in an October 2015 survey.”


4 Things Future-Ready Retailers Need to Know About IoT

Good article on 4 of the big-picture, top level things retails should be looking at when they think about implementing not only their strategy around IoT, but their entire technology strategy.


The Innovator’s Dilemma and Enterprise IoT Platforms

We likely all have heard about the innovators dilemma – one in which large companies stagnate by listening to their current customers and don’t innovate to open new markets. This article gives some perspective on this with regards to IoT platforms. This article dovetails well with the news that Bosch is creating their own IoT platform, which I cover later in this issue.


Power Stations, Trains and Automobiles: Protecting the Industrial Internet of Things

Good article on what connecting industrial control systems to the internet can give you and some considerations on where it can hurt you.

Bosch Unveils Cloud Services for Internet of Things

Looks like at least one more large enterprise is getting into the market of releasing their own IoT platform. This is very much an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) play, but significant none the less considering the amount of resources it takes to build a new platform. This article highlights some of the reasons as to why they built their own.


Ericsson Slashes Cellular IoT Device Forecast by 20 Billion

Good article on some changes Ericsson made with regards to it’s device forecast, which isn’t really isn’t a as interesting as some of the reasons which the author defines.

Lighting Company Cree intros SmartCast Power over Ethernet

Great article from IoT Fuse. As quoted, “Power over Ethernet (PoE) uses standard Ethernet cables to carry both power and data, replacing more expensive AC wiring while networking LEDs and a complement of sensors. Instead of wiring the light fixture into the building’s AC electrical system, it’s simply plugged into an Ethernet port and the network.”

Passive Wi-Fi Will Boost Internet of Things

This is phenomenal technology. It will allow devices to act as repeaters and instead of trying to broadcast more, actually “deflect” signals which uses ultra-low power. You could see devices run for 10-12 years. Be sure and watch the video at the end.


Registration Open for IoT Fuse:Conference 2016

The organizers of Minnesota’s premiere Internet of Things (IoT) conference being held April 22, 2016 on the University of St. Thomas’ Minneapolis Campus, IoT Fuse, are pleased to announce the conference’s line-up of sessions, speakers and our morning keynote by Amber Case

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