Data Analyst – SQL, R at K-LOVE& Air1 Christian Radio (Rocklin, CA)

Data Analyst – SQL, R at K-LOVE& Air1 Christian Radio (Rocklin, CA)

Are you the type of person who loves looking through massive amounts of data to try to figure out the story that it tells?  

Do you enjoy taking those stories and turning them into decisions that drive the success of an organization serving a Higher purpose?

Here, at K-LOVE & Air1, our Data Science & Insight team does just that!  They query databases and analyze the results to help us find answers to some of our more challenging questions. Then they report it in a way that is useful to our execs.  They use the most advanced analytical tools & their naturally inquisitive minds to provide practical insight. 

Additionally, they have programming experience and like to dabble in projects that help bring data to life in our products and services.

We are currently looking for a Data Analyst to join this team of brilliant Data Analysts & Data Scientists.  This is a senior level position, so we’re looking for someone with extensive data analysis and/or programming experience.

Our ideal candidate will…

  • Absolutely love data and have proven experience in discerning and analyzing the critical elements of large sets of information.
  • Have strong computer skills; advanced knowledge of SQL Server database services, Tableau, R, Alteryx, SQL, etc.
  • Have strong scripting/programming in JavaScript, T-SQL, R, Python, Ruby or .Net

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