Web Application Development – Engineer/Architect/CTO at Scribl.com (Scribliotech, Inc.) (Hanover, NH) (allows remote)

Web Application Development – Engineer/Architect/CTO at Scribl.com (Scribliotech, Inc.) (Hanover, NH) (allows remote)

Join us and become a part of history as together we change the face of e-commerce for digital content and preserve the ability of authors to earn a living writing. We are looking for smart, creative engineering and development support to add a long list of functions to our existing web site, extend our database backend functionality, create the system tools needed to support our licensed partners, develop mobile apps, and to provide ebook content distribution through all the major ebook stores.

The current beta site has baseline functionality developed in Ruby-on-Rails. We assume work will continue in Ruby, but we want you to choose the tools that will allow you to do your best work. You are the expert. We will provide you with any development tools you want (within reason).


  • Get in on the ground floor and become an owner of a new, industry-transforming company.
  • Consult with former kayak.com founding employee & Chief Architect Bill O’Donnell, who is a technical advisor to the company.
  • Create your own solutions to challenging technical problems.
  • Choose the tools that will be used by you and your future colleagues: languages, systems, databases.
  • Make mistakes, disrupt the status quo, and create the engineering culture that you would like!

If hired, you will receive a hefty equity grant relative to the position. You will also earn direct payment in the form of a revenue share on every dollar from the site, tools, and distribution your work enables, increasing as gross revenue increases, until those rev-share pay levels reach your target salary.

We are located in the growing Lebanon/Hanover, NH tech region around Dartmouth and the Lebanon airport, but during our launch phase, we expect candidates to work from home, wherever that may be. We will pay for relocation, should that become necessary in the future.

Skills & Requirements

NOTE: Your cover letter matters to us, maybe more than your resume! We want to know why are interested in Scribl. Please read this section and write it accordingly.

We want you if you are, have, or know:

  • Fun, kind, fast, and flexible
  • Ruby/Rails (and/or Django/Python)
  • Java
  • HTML5 and JavaScript
  • E-commerce and security best practices
  • Good communication skills

If you have some experience with these, that’s a plus, but it’s not required:

  • AWS hosting and management
  • Mobile app development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Streaming audio and video
  • Podcasting
  • Audio processing or speech recognition programming
  • C/C++ systems work or game programming
  • Passion for digital content, especially ebooks
  • Strong team-building and project management record
  • Leadership

You will be responsible to:

  • Create a different kind of web store featuring a rock-solid security model with integrated social networking all built on a highly scalable backend database able to simultaneously serve licensed partners via a custom API or file distribution system.
  • Maintain and evolve the web site with modern web technologies: HTML 5, CSS, JS, responsive design, etc.
  • Build apps for mobile devices that allow for direct content distribution to those devices for offline reading/listening
  • Nurture a healthy engineering culture

It is important that you either have or are willing to gain an appreciation for digital content creators — authors and artists. Our success is dependent on our ability to help them prosper and want that perspective to be shared by everyone on our team. Please describe your interest in Scribl, CrowdPricing, ebooks, or authors in your cover letter. The resume should show you have the skills. The cover letter is what tells us why you may be the right person for the position.

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