Frontend Developer (AngularJS/ C#/ .NET) at ChallengerMode (Stockholm, Sweden)

Frontend Developer (AngularJS/ C#/ .NET) at ChallengerMode (Stockholm, Sweden)

We are Challengermode and we are making esports as simple and accessible as regular sports!

What does that even mean?

If you play Football, Ice Hockey or any other regular sport, you know your professional ladder. You understand the leagues, tournaments, and structures that take you from a noob to professional player.

What if you’re an online gamer? What if you’re skilled in Counter Strike or League of Legends? How does the competitive path work for esports? How can dedicated gamers move from noob level to professional player just like regular sports? That’s the problem we are solving at Challengermode.

What’s special about Challengermode?

As one of the first teams to have built a fully automated competitive platform for gamers, we are creating some of the most exciting competitions and our growth curve is pointing in the right direction.

  1. We are Northern Europe’s fastest growing esports & tournament platform
  2. With a high retention and rapidly growing user base, we’re just getting started.
  3. Competitive gaming is extremely young and fresh. So we have the possibility to create a legacy in the world of esports if we play it right.

What’s the next step?

With great growth, scaling challenges on the the product & tech side and new rounds of investments, we are currently looking to welcome a fullstack (or versatile frontend) developer to our team.

Our tech stack is straight forward, we use ASP.NET and SQL as our storage layer. The platform uses a micro servicesarchitecture in order to scale.

What are we looking for?

For this position, we’re looking for a frontend oriented fullstack developer who has worked with AngularJS, C# and .NET.

Our current team is filled with competitive programmers, distributed computing fanatics and algorithm freaks. We’d love you to have some interests in these areas too. We want to give YOU the opportunity to prove that you have what it takes!

We’re a team of 10 waiting to support, encourage and celebrate with you. We’re a hard working but fun-loving group of people who take pride in our work and the product we ship.

Your typical day?

How about we start with a smile, “Hi” and a good, strong coffee? Then your day would revolve around planning your work, understanding priorities, sketching solutions, implementation and having fun along the way. We think it’s VERY important to give each other space and time to focus so we can feel and be truly productive.

We are currently wrapping up our basic features for the platform and focusing on optimizing our platform to support scaling. On the frontend side, you will work closely with the Head of Product and Lead Designer to decide the priorities and deliver the best gaming experience possible to our users.

Why join us?

We love you already for taking time to read through our job pitch! Join us and you’ll be part of a hard-working, supportive team that’s changing esports for ever.

We offer flexible work hours and a competitive salary but your prime intentions should be to invest your skills and interest in Challengermode and not just seeing it as a regular job. Everyone in the team has ownership in our company and believes in the mission. Working at Challengermode is not a walk in the park, if you want an easy job with few responsibilities this is not the job for you. If you, on the other hand, enjoy working towards ambitious goals, working hard (and smart) and getting challenged on a daily basis, then you should fit right in!


If you’ve worked with complex systems and scalable infrastructures before, that would be fantastic because we are currently moving into a phase of scaling quickly.

Our workplace gives you a lot of autonomy in how you structure your work and implement solutions, but with great powers comes great responsibility!

Technically, if you’ve had 5+ years of professional software dev experience and are confident in our stack choices of AngularJS, C# and .NET, please ping us and we’ll be happy to talk to you!

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