Senior Data Scientist at BJSS (London, UK)

Senior Data Scientist at BJSS (London, UK)

Do you understand how businesses can use data to increase their revenues? Do you know when to apply a Markov Model, a Random Forest, or a Neural Network? Are you experienced at guiding a client into a 21st century business with data and machine learning at its core?

We can. And on the side, we successfully predicted Brexit and saw the arrival of the Trump Train too.

BJSS has deployed forecasting systems to improve its client’s “business as usual” by 10,000 times. We led the Data Science transformation programmes for two of Britain’s largest companies. We even come up with the idea, prototyped, and successfully acquired the first customers for a new Public Service product. Routinely, BJSS builds chat bots, AI assistants, and speech-to-text systems and we’re building solutions that generate unique recommendations for over five million individual customers.

So, as you can see, our Data Science team works on varied projects in multiple industries. They use the latest tools and technologies such as AWS, Python, Hadoop, Spark, R and SQL to extract meaningful data which they then model to deliver value to their clients, as quickly as possible.

On a typical day as a BJSS Data Scientist you can expect to:

  • Help your clients to define their Data Science strategy and roadmaps,
  • Build classifiers, regressors, natural language processors, and segmentation algorithms to find value in data,
  • Help clients to understand and familiarise themselves with data science, and suggest prioritised areas which they should focus on,
  • Provide thought leadership on how Data Science might help in previously unexplored areas,
  • Contribute towards and become an expert in establishing Data Science in organisations,
  • Combine BJSS’ proven expertise in DevOps, Cloud, and Big Data to build the best possible Data Science solution for your clients.

Does this sound like an exciting prospect for you?

If you’re experienced in Regression, Clustering, and Classification techniques, and you have the communication skills to back your experience up with a client, then we’d like to hear from you.

Ideally, you’ll have several years of Data Science experience, potentially across a range of sectors or in a consulting capacity. You’ll need to be comfortable with rolling up your sleeves and doing the task at hand as much as you’ll be leading major programmes of work for FTSE100 companies.

You will have been a manager or senior manager with line management accountability in your recent or current role, mentoring more junior team members. Additionally, if you have any business development experience where you can demonstrate the ways you advanced fresh opportunities, this will be especially advantageous.

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