Firmware Engineer at telular (Herndon, VA)

Firmware Engineer at telular (Herndon, VA)

We are looking to hire a Senior Firmware Engineer to design and implement firmware applications in C using applicable coding standards for our SkyBitz division located in Herndon, VA.

SkyBitz is the leading remote asset tracking and information management service provider, specializing in realtime decision-making tools for companies with unpowered assets.

What will you be doing?

  • Support the existing and previous generations of the product in the form of bug fixes and research into workarounds to issues in previous firmware releases. 
  • Develop complete system design solutions with appropriate documentation such as HLD, LLD, SDD and protocol documents.
  • Develop firmware for new and current products to add features and functionality through firmware updates.  
  • Develop and maintain firmware for sensor products.
  • Support other members of the firmware development team on other products and projects.
  • Collaborate with other functional groups in order to develop ideas and new products, features and services ranging from complete new products to firmware on an existing product to provide a new functionality.
  • Help manage and maintain software version control system including firmware release and labeling control.

Apply if you have…

  • BS Electrical Engineering or relevant experience
  • Proficient at programming in C, C++ and assembly a plus
  • Experience writing kernels/drivers to interface h/w (e.g. tune radios, prog RTC, timers, flash, FPGA, overlays, boot up, pci bus, etc)
  • Able to implement all these functions in a real-time processing system using C / C++ and ASM in background tasks and interrupts.
  • Strong skills in real-time embedded programming
  • Familiar with ARM Cortex, MSP430, Renesas R32C
  • Proficient in “C”, and using Compilers, Linkers, Locators, Simulators, Emulators, Debug tools (Oscilloscopes, Spec Analysers. Etc).
  • Experience with serial port interfaces, half duplex multipoint protocols (e.g. SDLC), and possibly data compression.
  • Strong integration, debug, and problem solving skills including a good understanding of Analog and Digital Hardware

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