Zapier: Engineering Manager, App Improvements Team

Zapier: Engineering Manager, App Improvements Team

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Headquarters: San Francisco


Hi there! We’re looking for an Engineering Manager, App Improvements Team to lead our growing App Improvements engineering team at Zapier. Interested in helping build the tool that powers automation for millions of professionals? Then read on…
About You
You love code and APIs. You are proficient at reading and writing code and genuinely enjoy making and maintaining software. You’ve worked with many APIs and have a fundamental understanding of how they work. You have a solid intuition for what could be causing an API to respond to a request with an error, and you know the little tricks you can employ to get misbehaving requests back on track. You’re comfortable working with code and logs to diagnose, fix, and safeguard against API issues.
You are an effective team builder. This isn’t your first rodeo. You know how to hire, train, and develop engineers from all backgrounds. You understand the benefits of building a diverse and inclusive engineering team. You may not have hired or managed hundreds of people before, but you have hired, trained, and managed at least a few engineers before.
You have excellent communication skills. You regularly work with engineers and other stakeholders from various disciplines, balancing engineering concerns, such as technical debt, with product concerns. Ideally, you find solutions that address both the team and user needs but if not, help build understanding around difficult decisions.
You can keep track of, prioritize, and lead multiple projects. We’re a small team, and there’s no shortage of things you could be doing in a day. You’ll manage and triage bugs alongside features, as well as carve out time for functional projects and make sure they solve real problems the team and partners encounter – ideally making development even easier.
You’re adaptable. You’ve been in fast growing companies and know that a process that works today may not work in six months or a year. You know when to change things within your own team and can embrace and cheerlead changes that come from other parts of the organization.
Things You Might Do
Zapier is a small, fast-growing, and remote-first company, so you’ll likely get experience on many different projects across the organization. That said, here are some things you’ll probably do:
  • Your team will help maintain and improve the large roster of app integrations on Zapier – you’ll do this by building smart tooling, utilizing effective triage, building relationships with and educating partners, and more. This includes partner apps from Asana to Zendesk, as well as new in house app primitives like Filter, Code, Formatter, etc.
  • Work with your engineering team and in conjunction with other PMs to build roadmaps for app primitives, as well as improve process for managing bug and feature backlogs.
  • Actively recruiting and onboarding new engineers at Zapier – as well as training, mentoring, and growing junior engineers. This might involve tweaking the skills portions of interviews, or writing better documentation.
  • Develop effective ways to communicate, monitor, and lead your team through weekly one-on-one’s and team meetings.
  • Keep the leadership team informed on your team’s progress in ways that are easy and enjoyable to receive, like one-on-one’s, update posts, and regular team hangouts.
  • Build rapport with each member of the App Improvements Engineering Team and support them through coaching and mentorship to help level up their skills.
  • Participate in code reviews, learning and spreading technical knowledge throughout Zapier – moving knowledge to documentation where appropriate.
  • Occasionally dive into the code; fixing bugs, improving developer experience, smoothing edges – sometimes even spiking out small proofs of concept.
  • Collaborate across various disciplines (Partnerships, Platform, Product, Designers, Researchers, etc.) to help set technical roadmaps that will achieve business goals through engineering best practices.
  • As part of our All Hands Support initiative, help customers have the best experience with Zapier as possible.

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