Blockchain Startup Seeking Experienced Rails Dev @ Loom Network

Blockchain Startup Seeking Experienced Rails Dev @ Loom Network

We’re Loom Network. We’re a blockchain startup building tech that makes it easy for developers to build large-scale games and social apps on Ethereum. We’re part of TechStars ’18, with offices in Bangkok, Pune and soon to be Osaka.

Currently we’re most widely known for Cryptozombies, a free tutorial series that teaches developers to build their own Ethereum-based games. It’s had over 60,000 users in just over a month since launching, hit the front-page of Hacker News, and has gotten us coverage from major influencers in the industry.

We’re looking for someone (full-time, remote ok) to build frontends in Ruby on Rails.

Skills needed:

Rails frontend experience.
VueJs or other Modern Javascript library like React
Bonus if you have UI and design aesthetics

Activities will include:

Taking over one of our Ruby on Rails projects.
Building out VueJs Components
Interacting with our Websocket backend
Interacting with our Core Blockchain apis written in Go

You’ll be working directly with a co-founder who has a background in Rails and Go.

To apply, send an email to with your CV and your best piece of code

Knowledge of the crypto space is beneficial, but not necessary. We’d rather take an all-star frontend Rails developer who can take over both the VueJs and Rails Frontend projects.

Looking forward to your application!

More info on us at Loom Network

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