Developer (Python & JavaScript) at Odoo (Ramillies, Belgique)

Developer (Python & JavaScript) at Odoo (Ramillies, Belgique)


  • Develop Apps people care about
  • Be responsible of what you develop
  • Framework and/or front-end
  • Possibility to coach small distributed dev teams

What’s great in the job?

  • You develop an Open Source Software and interact with the community
  • Support of a real usability and testing team
  • Have the time to focus on quality, refactoring and testing (no customer deadlines)
  • Great team of very smart people, in a friendly and open culture
  • No dumb managers, no stupid tools to use, no rigid working hours
  • No waste of time in enterprise processes, no “code monkeys”
  • Real responsibilities and autonomy: take ownership of your project
  • No solution architect, no business analysts, no Gantt charts

You work for an editor of software and not just a company that implements customers, this means that the code you write impact thousands of people and not just a single company.

At Odoo, we manage everything; from low-level deployments of our online platforms to business code, documentation, templating engine, external API integrations, ORM, Javascript Framework, etc. We are a nearly entirely vertically-integrated software stack from SysAdmin to Frontend development – both in a “Standard Editor” mindset (the use case must be generic for our market segment) to “Taylor-made” mindset (developing specific customizations for specific customers). When working at Odoo, you will have the occasion to attack every kind of problem depending on your affinities.

Must have

  • Several programming languages 
  • Passion for development
  • Quick & Autonomous learner
  • Read & Written English

Nice to have

  • Contribution to Open Source Projects
  • Master degree or higher
  • Python, Javascript
  • Linux, GitHub

What we offer

  • A complete technical and functional Odoo training
  • A nice working atmosphere in a young and passionate team in a bucolic environment outside of the city
  • A great experience in state-of-the-art web technologies and agile development
  • The opportunity to join a popular open source project
  • A full-time job with an attractive salary package

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