Community of Volunteers creating a map helping people who are homeless around the world

Community of Volunteers creating a map helping people who are homeless around the world

Hi, i’m part of a community of volunteers who create positive social action projects to try and make the world a better place. We’ve been working on a map of free resources for connecting people who are homeless with those who want to help nearby, and also with local resources things like showers, shelter, addiction support groups, free suit hire for interviews, washing machines, free training courses, and other things to meet their basic needs, and to take steps to improve their circumstances

Our main targets now are:
– turning our website into an App
– building member profiles so they can search profiles, list themselves on the map and contact each other to offer support,
– syncing two databases (Meteor + WordPress or Discourse)
– general bug squishing

We have an active team and would love to get more Meteor developers onboard to finish building an awesome map, so our hard work can launch and begin helping people who are homeless all around the World. 

The Team of developers are sticking together to re-build all of our charitable community’s online hub in Meteor; so you can leave a hero after launching the Street Sleeper Map, or stick around and be a part of the on-going build, creating an excellent hub to spark more projects to help societies deepest issues be delivered. 

Being a part of the project should be great publicity. The map has already been featured in The Independent (one of the UK’s big 5 National newspapers), and we’d love everyone involved to benefit from their efforts so you’d be thanked personally in all of our press releases

We’re all volunteers, no-one is getting paid while you give your time for free. We’re all just coming together to help the most at need in our World. Among others this project will improve life right now, and opportunities for the future for;
– the massive 55% increase in homeless in the UK under the ‘cut everything’ Tory Governement
– Refugee’s from the Syrian war
– The huge amount of homeless veterans in the US

please get in touch if you’d like to help, i’d love to hear from you.
Andy at Focallocal

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