Loco2: Customer Support (Italian)

Loco2: Customer Support (Italian)

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Headquarters: London, UK

URL: https://loco2.com/en/careers/customer-support-italian

We’re excited to be searching for a fluent Italian/English speaker to join our support team. We’re looking for somebody to work remotely alongside our “Train Geeks” during the working week in a European time-zone.

About us

We’re a small, passionate and cosmopolitan team, with a healthy remote-first culture and an office in London. Our success is built on trust, empathy and shared knowledge, with our users at the centre of what we do. We’re proud to have an average rating of 9.3 out of 10 on Trustpilot after 22,000 reviews.

We’ve been selling tickets since 2012, and we’re growing rapidly as the business matures. Our goal is to scale effectively whilst continuing to delight our users.

About the role

Customer Support is at the heart of Loco2. You’ll be joining a small, friendly team that’s committed to providing the highest standard of customer support online, seven days a week.

Until now, we’ve provided support in English (with a few neat tricks for helping customers who reach out in another language). But as we grow, we’re seeking to offer the same level of support in languages as diverse as our customers. Italian is just the first of several bilingual roles we’re planning to fill.

But regardless of the languages you speak, you’ll learn lots about our technology, including how to debug the trickiest issues, and more than you ever dreamed of about trains!

  • This is a Monday – Friday role, with occasional weekend work. Everyone on the Mon-Fri support team is on rotation to support the weekend team (you’ll get time off in lieu).
  • You’ll need to be online during office hours, usually from 9.30-6 GMT or thereabouts. There’s some flexibility in that once you’re up to speed.
  • This is a remote job, but you won’t be alone. You will have online tools like Slack, Help Scout, Trello and Basecamp to find the answer to your query or reach out for help.
  • We offer a generous holiday allowance, options for flexible working, a sound travel policy for when you’re invited to the office and a salary that reflects your experience.

What you’ll be doing

This job isn’t the same day in, day out. Far from it. This is a varied, troubleshooting role with loads of opportunity to dig into the detail and offer creative solutions for our users.

It will be your job to decide the best way to help our growing number of customers without sacrificing quality. You’ll have autonomy to provide the best style of online support. You can point customers to our Help docs or make a quick screencast to demo a feature, whatever you think works best for them.

We’re continually improving our product and support style, so you’ll also share the responsibility of identifying gaps in our Help content (or mistakes in the machine-translated docs we currently offer in Italian), reporting bugs, suggesting UX improvements and finding ways to reduce the volume of incoming customer queries. We’re planning to offer live chat support later this year so that will become part of your role, too.

As a fluent Italian-speaker, you’ll be the first port of call for our Italian customers, providing exceptional support in their native language. At the moment, these represent a small proportion of incoming queries so the rest of the time you’ll be on shift with the English crew. You’ll also be part of our internationalisation plans, contributing to projects to improve our multi-language product and resources.

About you

  • Bilingual – Italian is your first language, but you have impeccable English, too. If you also speak Spanish or French to a similar standard, we already love you.
  • Independent – You have the ability to identify and solve tricky issues on your own initiative, but aren’t too proud to ask for help when needed. You can clearly articulate problems in writing so they can be picked up and resolved by somebody else if you aren’t online.
  • Tech-savvy – You aren’t fazed by complex technology or information, and enjoy wrapping your brain around new challenges.You’ll probably download our app right now just to try it out.
  • Level-headed – You’re patient and empathetic with others, especially if they’re not as technology-literate as you (or even if they’re just having a bad day).
  • Emotionally intelligent – You can think laterally to solve customer (and your own!) frustration.
  • Conscientious – You’ll be given plenty of autonomy to simply do what’s right, no questions asked. With great power comes great responsibility. You’ll have a high degree autonomy; working weekends means fewer teammates around for support.
  • Excellent written communication skills – You are pedantic about spelling and grammar, but remain an affable human being nonetheless.
  • We’re happy to receive applications from people with a lot or a little experience of providing online customer support. The important thing is sound communication skills (in Italian and English), empathy and a willingness to learn.
  • You’re someone who thrives working remotely and have a home-office environment that’s fit for remote work.
  • You’re in a European time-zone.

Nice to have

  • You’ve travelled and understand the unique stresses of making international trips.
  • Prior experience of working with online booking platforms, and a knack for figuring out how they work
  • Familiarity with European rail network, particularly Italian operators, Trenitalia and Italo. Maybe you have posters of your favourite trains on your wall (or at least you would if you were sure that society wouldn’t judge you for it).
  • Basic knowledge of HTML a plus (for editing help docs).

How to apply

Email jobs@loco2.com and tell us about your skills and experience. You can send a CV if you want, but we particularly like reading a well-written email instead/as well.

Unfortunately, we can currently only accept applications from within the EU (including the UK) or from candidates who already hold a valid UK working visa.

There are some specific questions we’d like you to answer (feel free to be brief if you’d prefer to elaborate in other areas):
  • Why you’re interested in joining us.
  • The relevant experience you’ve had.
  • Your salary expectations.

We welcome applications from everybody, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

To apply: Please email your application to jobs@loco2.com addressing the specific questions listed above. Please note that we do not respond to approaches from recruitment agencies, and emails will be marked as spam.

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