Cloud Native Engineer at Armakuni (Milton Keynes, UK)

Cloud Native Engineer at Armakuni (Milton Keynes, UK)

Armakuni empower our clients to take ideas to production in weeks, not months, acting as change catalysts, accelerating their cloud-native journeys and enabling their teams.

As one of the UK’s leaders in Cloud Foundry, we are a team of technology consultants and software engineers who specialise in leveraging cloud native and as-a-service enablers to build, deploy and run the highest quality software, faster, with more confidence, less risk and at lower cost.

We seamlessly integrate XP and Test Driven Development, and enterprise-grade, multi-cloud tooling such as Cloud Foundry to power continuous delivery pipelines. This fundamentally improves the way our clients build, deploy and run software, accelerating development velocity, and reducing feedback cycles.

We are looking for Cloud Foundry engineers of all shapes and sizes, so if you know how to drive BOSH and love Manifests, read on …

What we do:

  • Test Driven Development & Continuous Delivery to production
  • Elegant micro-service products used at extreme scale
  • Deliver world-class PaaS environments as full stack engineers
  • Work in a TDD, Pair Programming, collaborative, open-plan environment with table tennis!
  • Regular retrospectives to figure out what we’re doing wrong so we can fix it, and what we’re doing right so we can improve on it.
  • Enable engineers to own the services they develop and affect change directly (you support what you build)
  • Our tech stack differs from client to client but typically involves TDD development of Java, Node, Ruby or Golang micro-service apps with Cloud Foundry, deployed using ConcourseCI, to AWS or another IaaS provider, generally using a mixture of Redis and Mongo (or other) datastores

Duties as a Cloud Foundry Engineer:

  • Represent Armakuni and be able to communicate our vision in front of executives and technical management when required
  • Deliver world-class PaaS (Cloud Foundry) micro service architectures using cloud native, PaaS and CI/CD environments
  • Mentoring Junior Engineers / client engineers in the adoption of new tools, technologies, techniques, patterns and processes
  • Running and participating in workshops (inceptions) and stand-ups

Drive adoption of cloud native practices through whatever method is practical given the obstacles encountered.

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