Triage Engineer – Seeking DevOps background for the Core Server team at mongoDB (New York, NY)

Triage Engineer – Seeking DevOps background for the Core Server team at mongoDB (New York, NY)

Servicing the fastest growing database ecosystem presents new challenges every day. MongoDB is seeking a Triage Engineer for the Core Server team to help troubleshoot technical issues reported by our users. We’re looking for a highly technical and organized individual, with strong problem-solving skills, excellent communication, and a passion for investigating thorny technical issues.


  • Work with the Engineering and Technical Services teams to debug and reproduce bug reports from MongoDB users and escalate problems as needed
  • Help MongoDB users understand their challenging technical problems and provide workarounds when possible
  • Recognize patterns, and effectively categorize and create links between related issues and projects
  • Contribute to the team’s technical projects, which include tools and diagnostics development, benchmarking, writing documentation and crafting training material


  • Demonstrable technical aptitude in one or more of the following areas:
    • Technical Support of back-end services (example: databases, networking, operating systems)
    • Systems, network, and/or database administration
    • Systems or Site Reliability Engineer, Tech Support Engineer, or Consulting Engineer

  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) are critical as you will be working with users from all over the world with very diverse backgrounds, as well as with a highly technical engineering team
  • Strong attention to detail
  • The desire and ability to rapidly learn a wide variety of new technical skills
  • Interest in thorny technical issues central to databases: distributed systems, consensus algorithms, data replication, query optimization, data storage, OS internals, concurrency and scheduling, networking, etc.

Nice to have

  • Experience as an active contributor to public support forums or online communities
  • Have a passion for contributing to open source, and interacting with the open source community
  • Experience coding in one or more of the languages with drivers supported by MongoDB, Inc (eg., Python, Ruby, Node.js, Bash, Perl…)
  • Experience administering large-scale production environments, including hardware, operating systems (Linux/Unix), networks (including firewalls and load balancers)
  • Experience using or managing MongoDB

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